Market Watch

Supply & Pricing Updating

Shrimp Situation

60 and smaller count HLSO Latin American white shrimp are full steady to firm with limited supplies. 36-40 and 41-50 count are steady, supplies adequate. 31-35 count shrimp are full steady to firm while larger counts are full steady. Head-on shrimp are steady. Asian white shrimp are full steady to firm as seasonal Indian production and offerings are anticipated.

Black Tiger Shrimp

Supplies are generally light with limited overseas offerings. The market is full steady.

Value-Added Shrimp

Cooked shrimp continue mostly stronger. Overseas offerings are firm and limited and continue to indicate higher prices for future delivery. Peeled shrimp are mostly full steady with a few higher offerings noted for smaller counts.

Gulf Domestic Shrimp

The market was unchanged, however were still noting some higher offerings on the short supplied u15 and larger count headless shell-on shrimp. PUD’s were also unchanged, but larger count shrimp are being increasingly offered.

Frozen Shellfish: Mussels, New Zealand Green Shell

Poor production is limiting availability and the market is reacting accordingly by trending higher.


The market continues barely steady to weak given a more typical supply situation. Especially weak is Pulpo from Indonesia, where 2012 imports were up nearly 83 percent compared to the year prior.

Canadian Snow Crab

The markets remain highly unsettled. Fishing in Newfoundland has not begun as of yet. Crabbing in the Gulf is underway, but the market is too unsettled to establish market quotations.

American Live Lobster

Market prices remained steady with a weak undertone reported as traders anticipate an increase in supply.

Salmon Situation: Farmed Salmon

The Northeast whole fish market adjusted slightly lower on 6-8s. The balance of the market is unchanged. The undertone remains about steady. The European whole fish market, on the other hand, continues to adjust higher and a few still higher offerings are noted. The Chilean fillet market weakened on 1-2 and 2-3 pound filets are barely steady. Supplies of these sizes are fully adequate for a dull demand and a few still lower offerings are noted. The remainder of the market is unchanged. The undertone remains somewhat unsettled with both higher and lower offerings collected. The Chilean steelhead market is full steady; a few higher