Providing only the top of trip from our vendors


All of our fresh fish is kept on ice and under monitored refrigeration from the time we receive it until it is cut and delivered to our customers. We assign a license plate number to all products when it is received detailing the location of the product. All of our products are given lot numbers and can be traced from the source (shipper, harvester, etc.) to the customer. All seafood we receive in our plant is checked for temperature, quality, and country of origin before being accepted and entered into our system.

The "hands-on" quality control standards of our processing team exceed industry guidelines. Our freezers are kept at minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure the air is always flowing. All of our inventory items are kept in constant rotation to ensure that our on-hand inventory is as fresh as possible. We have separate processing crews; one during the day, and one fulfilling orders each night. Our operations are fully temperature controlled, with our receiving, holding, production and staging areas always remaining at 40 degrees or below. Our fresh fish remains iced in our temperature-controlled rooms until the moment it is needed.